Steps to Reserve Your Destin Beach Wedding Package

Wondering How to Start Planning Your Beach Wedding?  Here are the steps to reserve a date with Yours Truly Weddings for your special day.

  1. Let us know your date so we can see if we have availability on that day.
  2. We need to know which city you are wanting to have it at.
  3. Which wedding package from our website and any a la carte added to it.
  4. What beach location are you wanting to have it at? Visit our Destinations tab.  There are three options when choosing your beach location. You do have to get a beach permit through our company depending on where you have it. You can use your condo’s or rental home beach access as long as you have permission from them. Sometimes they will charge you a fee, so be sure to check. There is also the public beach accesses but parking is scarce and they don’t save a place on the beach for you. Our favorite is Henderson Beach State Park. This is also on the beach.

    They partition off  a spot for you which makes it nice. It’s the only place in Destin to have your beach wedding and you are assured a spot on the beach.

  1. Reserving your date require a 50% deposit and your balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding. We don’t have to know the beach access location when you reserve your date but definitely figure out which beach access you want to use soon, so the slots don’t become booked. Especially in the summer, Saturdays get booked up the fastest.
  2. We need both bride and grooms names, email and phone number and we will then email you ceremony choices along with an invoice online to pay your deposit.

Call us today at 850-543-9204 for more information.


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